16 of the Most Unbelievable Survival Stories from The Wild

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  1. Moonlit Rescue Up Hell’s Wall | The word dangerous doesn’t even begin to describe the risk to those who dare come near it. One of several avalanche chutes on the north flank of Mt. Werner in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Hell’s Wall has earned its name by reputation.
  1. Voskhod 2 | Some consider space exploration as the pinnacle of off the grid survival experiences. And there are no grizzlies to bother you. But are there? The early days of space exploration were fraught with dangerous outcomes—even grizzlies. When the Soviet Union’s empire collapsed, classified stories slowly leaked out to the rest of the world. The following is a miraculous tale of determination and survival, which began with a space shot.
  1. Balloonists Face Their Nightmare | A spontaneous training exercise, turned an adventure leading it’s survivors onto greater accomplishments.
  1. Glacier Grizzly | Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana on the United States Canadian border covers more than 1 million acres. One colorful Fall day, fate had its own agenda for a couple set out for a 12 mile hike. 
  1. Gold Miners Attack By Grizzly Bears | California in the mid-1800s was a dangerous and relatively unsettled area. The region provided an abundance of game animals, including deer, elk, and antelope, and was a hunters paradise. Food resources were abundant. But the land also was home to the mighty California grizzly bear, a ferocious animal, weighing up to over 1000 pounds.
  1. Pool Inflatables | This past August, a ferry was running between Rio and Antirrio , Greece, when passengers noticed a white floating object in the distance.
  1. A Tale of Proactive Action, Luck, and Survival | Featuring a special guest, Dave Olesen, a pilot, author, and veteran dog musher, who came face-to-face with the darker side of Northwest Territories.
  1. Cave Confinement | Tham Luang Nang Non, a cave in the Chiang Rai Province of Thailand spanning nearly 6.5 miles in length, and at an elevation of nearly 1,500 feet. On Saturday June 23rd 2018, a group of boys from the Wild Boars soccer club, ages 11-16, set off to go exploring.
  1. A Tale Like No Other | Just imagine being a group of young boys, all between the ages of 16 and 18, embarking on a month-long survival course in the Alaskan wilderness. This is admirable in itself, as Alaska’s great outdoors can be very unforgiving.
  1. Leisurely Alaskan Hike Turned Avalanche | It was a clear day in the Chugach Mountains near Anchorage Alaska, on April 27, 2003, Nick, age 19, a thrill-seeker, always dreamed of visiting Alaska and jumped at the chance to see it through a mutual friend, without even having met his hiking partners before.
  1. Trapped Cliffside | Imagine the most peaceful scenic drive that one can fathom, and in the blink of an eye stopping short and tumbling down a cliff right into the rocks and thrown violently into the Pacifc Ocean. This is the kind of scenario that many of us have awoken to in a cold sweat…a horrifying nightmare. But 23-year-old Angela Hernandez experienced just this. This is her story.
  1. Stranded in the Grand Canyon | Outdoor lover and college student planned a 3,000-mile solo road trip for spring break. First, she wanted to see the nearby Havasu Falls, but when she turned onto a road that did not exist due to a Google maps error, things took a turn for the worst.
  1. Cold, Hungry, and Desperate | Sometimes nature’s most terrifying moments can only be faced head-on with the fiercest determination and will to survive.
  1. The Sinking of the Jascon 4 | The Jascon 4, a tugboat contracted by Chevron Corporation, was out at sea in the Atlantic Ocean approximately 20 miles off the coast of Nigeria. The waters were rough, and as dawn had not broken yet, it was still dark. Carrying a crew of twelve, most of the workers were still in their locked bunks. 
  1. Disaster at Sago Mine | West Virginia is a state widely known for its coal mining industry, a job that brings many men and their families financial stability, but it comes with an expense of great danger. There is probably no one more understanding of that danger than Randal McCloy Jr.
  1. Lost at Obstruction Point | It was going to be a quick trip to a place she knew well: Obstruction Point, one of Jack’s favorite places in the whole world. There, as she’d promised, she’d scatter his ashes among the pine trees and summer flowers he loved. Little did she know, Sajean Geer’s final tribute to her husband nearly cost her life. 

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